Per hour (prepaid)

You can get those packages of hours for Skype lessons and meetings, for email coaching and how-to making, for interface design and making, for general technical assistance, for programming for your project or a mix of those. It is really flexible and allows us to really follow your project and ideas.

If you have a project and you'd like to have an idea of the number of hours you should get, do not hesitate to contact me with the details of the project. What I do is first giving you a range of hours that I believe it could take for the first stage of the project, based on the information you give me and we can start from there.

Meetings/lessons are booked and paid in advance. If you don't turn up, I might charge you anyway... Saying this, usually people tell me about their schedule changes, we can find another time and, as I am quite flexible, there is no problem.

Note that those are special fees for prepaid package of hours. Rates for quoted work are different.

Get a prepaid package of hours
coding, making, coaching...

Fully Quoted Project

For a full project, if you know exactly what you need, it is possible to get a quote for that project. You can contact me with a detailed description of your project, and I would quote you. In that case, I send you a demo alpha patch, so you can comment. At that moment you pay the first half. After I finish, I send you demo patch. You can than pay the second half, and I will then send you the full working patch. This is ideal if you need to apply to a funding. But note that because it is more work and postpaid, it is a more expensive solution. I discourage this solution for projects that are going to take less than a couple of weeks of work.