Controlling Stepper Motors with MIDI using Adafruit Motor Shield V2 on and Arduino Leonardo with Teensyduino and TeeOnArdu

This code was initially designed for Sentier Sonore

Initial development during a residency at Chambre Blanche, Québec City

  • Download the Arduino code here.
  • As far as I know, only an Arduino Leonardo could run this code, because it is, at this date, the only board that can run the Adafruit Motor Shield library AND Teensy's USB MIDI library.
  • Stack your Adafruit Motor Shield V2 on your Arduino.
  • Connect your Stepper motors and the adequat power supply to your shield.
  • Download Arduino IDE, if you do not have it already.
  • Install Adafruit Motor Shield V2 library
  • Install TeeOnArdu and Teensyduino
  • Plug your Arduino board to your computer.
  • Open the .ino file you downloaded here
  • In Arduino IDE Tools menu, under Board, choose "TeeOnArdu Leo"
  • In Arduino IDE Tools File, choose upload
  • Push reset button on the board
  • Wait until it says "Done uploading."
  • Open a music software that can send midi controller, and send controller 60 and 61 to TeeOnArdu MIDI board (in the video I use a QuNeo, with Max/MSP, the pads are sending controller 61, 64-0, controller 61, 64-127, controller 60, 64-0, controller 60, 64-127, it is actually optimised for MIDI dials, not so much for pads)